TelKash Prepaid Solutions

The TelKash Prepaid Card Platform offers various reloadable DebitCards with features consumers want – Text and Email alerts, Direct Deposit and more.

● No Credit Check or Bank Account required. ● We offer a high value product with a low cost of ownership.
● Customers have a clear understanding of fee schedules by offering a simplified fee plan great for Budgeting, Pay-per-Use vs. monthly payment requirements.
● Money Management tools that put customers in control of their spending (Card-APP). ● Our Prepaid Cards handles different currencies.
● Remits can be sent and received on the TelKash Prepaid Cards

Customer Loyalty & Promotion
  • Increase Sales
  • LifeTime Value
  • Flexibility

Deliver on-going rewards that motivate your customers to frequently interact with your company. Offering meaningful rewards creates another point of differentiation from your competition and opens another channel to create strong relationships with your customers. Avoid extra costs with associated with traditional programs, use TelKash Prepaid Cards and easily distribute, track and manage your rewards program today.

Stored Value & Sales Boost
  • Attract New Customers
  • Increase Control

Launch one-time or recurring Promotions. Increase sales, create brand awareness, develop new marketing opportunities and generate new customers. Whether you’re launching a new product, having event giveaways, promoting a contest or offering corporate gifts and awards. Gift cards & supporting materials can be branded with your logo or design. Card Denominations can be pre-set, flexible, or a combination of both.

Cost Effective & Smart
  • New Payroll Gateway
  • Control Company Expenses

Enable companies & businesses reduce costs that are traditionally associated with bank transfers. Provide employers and employees with a convenient, secure and low-cost payroll alternative that increases financial freedom. Grow profitability by offering your own Card to employees, agents, distributors and channel partners. Corporate rewards are a proven way to increase sales, engagement and foster a culture of excellence.

Fast & Efficient
  • Quicker to Launch
  • Perfect for Online Solutions

Virtual Prepaid Card Programs are great when you are looking to quickly implement an online program for your customers. Prepaid Virtual Cards work exactly the same as normal Prepaid Cards without the physical card. Instead of disbursing the cards, all you have to do is disburse the card numbers. This means there is a quick launch window as there is no need to print cards.

View Transactions in Real Time.
  • Reload Anywhere
  • Transfer Anytime

Reload your prepaid card anywhere conveniently and securely from a credit card, a bank account or setup auto top-up to ensure you always have funds.. Transfer funds from your prepaid card to another prepaid card instantaneously, for allowance, paying a loan or just being generous. Check you card balance in real time and view detailed transaction information.

Value Addded Services
  • Increase Productivity
  • Lower Costs

Used as Purchase Incentives-, Referral Rewards-, Customer Appreciation-, Loyalty Incentives-, Rebatte Programs- as well as Customer Retention Cards. Its trackable, flexible, promotes your Brand, easy to manage, easy to use and cost effective. Fast, secure and works for any type of payment structure. Streamline payments with a card that can deliver more than just payments.

TelKash Prepaid Card Solution