We Protect You

TelKash is committed to securing the integrity of transactions by providing security solutions while remaining alert. Our primary mission is to provide a secure alternative payment platform to protect card-/account holders and merchants during transactions especially on the internet. We have developed a range of security tools that offer peace of mind.


Your TelKash Wallet isn’t just a better way to recieve and send or pay – it also adds another layer of protection to your financial information. Our secure payments system makes paying, transferring and shopping both offline & online simple and safe.


You just need your email address, mobile phone number and password to send, recieve or pay. Your card or bank details are never revealed.

The information we do transmit is encrypted to the highest standards of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS Level 1), so your data is unreadable even if someone tries to intercept it. Secure PIN Known only to Customer.

TelKash is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). It’s a safe place for your money to be.


For KYC or ‘Know Your Customer’ are standard requirements.

Please ensure the mailing address you register with is correct. If not, you can make corrections under your Preferences prior to submitting your remittance account request.

Due to the importance of AML or ‘Anti-Money Laundering’ for Compliance and Fraud Avoidance, during your remittaance account set-up, you will be asked to provide information designed to be answerable only by you as part of the identity verifcation process.

Upon successfully completing your remittance account set-up, you will be taken to your remittance main menu, where you will now be able to add payment methods, set-up beneficiaries and remit funds.


Account security is a priority at TelKash. We offer powerful & effective Fraud Management Solutions. TelKash stays ahead of industry trends and help you limit losses from fraudulent transactions.

Our neural network technology, customer communications, and strategic consultancy options provide you with a distinct advantage in fighting fraud.

This includes Best Industry Security Standards, Standalone Consumer Authentication Solutions (3-D Secure), Secure & Reliable Payments Platform and Real-time Reporting & Reconciliation via User-friendly Interface.

Mobile Wallet Security & Privacy