TelKash Mobile Financial Services Platform

The TelKash MobiFin Platform has been designated to meet the fundamental business needs of Mobile Money, Branchless and Pure Online Banking. TelKash MobiFin is a comprehensive mobile financial services solution enabling service providers to garner their share of the growing mobile financial arena both in emerged and emerging markets and enables secure real-time services through mobile or web portals Ÿ

TelKash MobiFin offers a variety of options to integrate heterogeneous devices, platforms & systems for delivering true mobile based services for : Ÿ

Mobile operators (MNO & MVNO) - Banks & Financial Institutions - Service providers - Utility top-up providers & aggregators - Mobile wallet operators,
Distribution channel manager & partners Ÿ

Customer Onboarding

Connect to all your existing Customers. Automatically create accounts and load them up to your Mobile Wallet at once.

Mobile Wallet Management

TelKash manages mobile wallet accounts for individuals, agents, and merchants. Float and Mirror accounts are maintained internally or with a bank conforming to regulatory requirements.

Pre-built Transactions

Use your Wallet for Money Transfers, Payments, Cash-in/Cash-outs, Wallet-to-Bank transactions, Wallet to Card transactions etc.

Prepaid Cards

Link up one or more Prepaid or Credit Cards to your Wallet Account. Order a Prepaid Card directly from your Mobile Wallet. Transfer Money from Card to Card. View Transaction History on each Card.

International Remittance

Send and Recieve Money from Friends and Families worldwide at highly competitive fees and rates. Available 24/7 directly at your finger tips, use your Mobile Wallet to remit money to 250 countries.

Peer-to-Peer Transaction

Individuals can use the mobile wallet and other payment instruments associated with the mobile wallet to pay merchants and purchase products. They can share bills among themselves.

Airtime Top-Up & Transfers

Send and Track Airtime credits to any Mobile. Simply choose the country you want to send to, enter the number of your recipient, and how much you want to send, then using your Wallet.

Bill Payments

Businesses interested in offering bill payment are registered as billers and have an option to present bills in bulk. Mobile wallet users can register for bills, register payment arrangements, schedule payments, and pay bills anytime anywhere.

Digital Banking

Digital Wallet allows individuals to replicate their physical wallet holding cash; other payment cards as well as link their bank accounts for transferring money. Linked Cards to the Wallet allows purchases at the POS and cash withdrawals from ATMs.

TelKash MobiFin Solutions